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  1. Keith will be returning to team voltron soon. there was a picture of keith wearing his paladin armour with one of krolia's marks on his face. before season f. Keith and krolia's reunion is the piece de resistance example of this, because it literally plays the trend to the t. a serious emotional moment is invoked: keith meets his mother, who he believes abandoned him, after years apart
  2. Keith received his knife from his father, who in turn received it from Keith's mother. Therefore, it stands to reason Keith inherits his Galra lineage from his mother. This was revealed explicitly in the Season Five Episode Bloodlines when Keith meets his mother, a Blade of Marmora operative named Krolia, for the first time
  3. Krolia is a female Galra and the mother of Keith, as well as a spy for the Blade of Marmora. Kolivan gave Keith the mission of infiltrating the base where she was located, extracting her, and destroying the weapon housed in the base. Despite being Galran, Krolia bears a striking resemblance to her son, Keith. Krolia has light purple, lavender skin, prevalent in all Galra. Her hair is a darker.
  4. Keith's mother, Krolia, wanted to name him Yurak, but his father suggested Keith instead. Yurak is the original character from Defender of the Universe on which Sendak is based. Of the human Paladins, Keith's human ethnicity is never revealed. Keith was originally only known to be in his late teens
  5. Mar 10, 2018 - Keith meeting his Galra Mother, Krolia from Voltron Legendary Defender. Mar 10, 2018 - Keith meeting his Galra Mother, Krolia from Voltron Legendary Defender. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select
  6. It is only after meeting his mother, Krolia, and bonding with her for two years that Keith stabilizes and matures as a person, returning to the mantle of Black Paladin once Netflix developed Voltron: Legendary Defender from the same concept, but a few changes were made to modernize the series

Meeting the Mother. Lance was sitting in the corner of the training room, watching Keith. The Blade had finally come to the Castle again for a personal briefing and to make further plans. While Kolivan was talking to Allura and Shiro, Keith had gone to train. Well. He had gone to flee from his mother. Krolia. His very Galra mom. Blade of Mamora Keith OVERVIEW ★ HISTORY ★ GALLERY. History. Before Keith became the Red Paladin, he was an orphaned at a young age because his mother, Krolia left Earth when he was an infant to continue her mission with the Blade of Marmora, and Keith's Father died when Keith was very young. Keith never knew anything about his mother; the only enigmatic connection to his past that remained with him was a. Voltron has officially put their support behind Lotor; they don't need us as their link to the Galra anymore. Our worth to them won't make up for losing one of their own. This suggestion has nothing to do with the fact that Keith will be safer protected by Voltron. It was not a question, but a statement In wake of Shiro's return, Keith has a tough choice to make: follow the Blade of Marmora or lead Voltron? Find out where his true loyalties lie in an all-new..

Lance and Keith land on Earth, and Lance gets a chance to see his family again, whom he's missed so dearly for such a long time. Only, things don't go according to plan. This is a reunion fic where Lance meets with his family again. Set post season 5, with a few alterations, such as: the team never sent messages to their families, etc Preferences & Imagines/One-Shots for the Voltron: Legendary Defender characters. Preferences include: Shiro, Lance, Keith, Hunk, Keith grumbled, arms folded across his chest as he leaned against the wall. And just like that, everything was fixed. The Paladins got their mother back, Shiro got a girlfriend,. Keith shakes his head making his bangs fall into his eyes, his anger has cooled, leaving Keith's limbs loose and numb, but the teenager still doesn't understand. But why- he starts. I did not inform you of your mother's whereabouts because she could've been killed at any moment, Kolivan plows on, it would give you a false hope of reuniting with her Disclaimer: I don't own Voltron Legendary Defender. Author Note: This is AU, where Thace, Ulaz, Antok, and Regris survived. Keith considers the BoM his pack, and they consider Keith their kit. Krolia is here as Keith's mom, and Acxa is his twin. This is also established Regeith After a disastrous meeting with his estranged Galran mother, Keith returns to the Paladins, bringing a Cosmic wolf pup and a newly-found cousin with him. The Paladins welcome them with open arms, but Keith can't help but feel as if he still doesn't belong there

(A story about how Keith meets the paladins of Voltron for the very first time after a mission to retrieve the red lion goes wrong. Please note that Keith has never returned to Earth since he was a baby but was raised by the BOM when his mother had to leave on a very important mission (A story about how Keith meets the paladins of Voltron for the very first time after a mission to retrieve the red lion goes wrong. Please note that Keith has never returned to Earth since he was a baby but was raised by the BOM when his mother had to leave on a very important mission. As such, Ulaz, Thace, Kolivan and Antok are his dads. Meeting the Mother. Keith, I couldn't put you in danger

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Cartoons Voltron: Legendary Defender. Keith rose up from his seated position, a gleam in his eye. Very well, he said. Gotta escape from Mother Mullet. Dealing with the crazy in-laws is not worth it. Lance finally stopped gaping to stare at Lotor in confusion Shiro's long-awaited vlog, thought to have been destroyed along with the Castle Ship, has been unarchived. But how many of these memories can be trusted?→ Cr.. Cartoons Voltron: Legendary Defender. Follow/Fav Going Home. By: SpaceSquidLance. They stopped in a living room, small, but with lots of chairs and a tiny television. Lance sat on a couch, his mother across from him. Keith took a spot between Lance and Rosa. His mother looked at Lance. Now, tell me. What happened? Start at the beginning Honerva, formally the Galran Empress and the witch Haggar, was an Altean user of dark magic and the former high priestess of the Druids serving the Galra Empire. She acted as an advisor to Zarkon and later recalled her memories as his former wife. She helped save him and keep him alive with her magic, yet Zarkon was still killed by his son Lotor, who hated Haggar almost as much as Zarkon.

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  1. Keith is a protagonist from the Netflix TV series, Voltron: Legendary Defender who serves as the Red Paladin piloting the Red Lion of Voltron.A young man of few words and dry wit, Keith is a loner and rebel by nature. Later on, he becomes the Paladin of the Black Lion of Voltron until Shiro's return where he training with the Blade of Marmora
  2. Kacxa is the het ship between Keith and Acxa from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom. THE BELLY OF THE WEBLUM During a mission for scaultrite, Hunk and Keith get separated while in a Weblum. Keith gets ejected out of the Weblum's first stomach. As he's falling, he seeing a ship caught in vine-like binds. He finds a person inside, saying to himself, Impossible He cuts the binds.
  3. Keith and Shiro are on an elevator, in front of the two Blade operatives. The elevator stops and opens, revealing the Blade's headquarters. Galra agents stand in two rows, leading to a raised platform with one person standing on it. A holographic logo can be seen in the center of the room above their heads
  4. Voltron: Legendary Defender, also known as Voltron or simply VLD, is an animated series produced by Dreamworks and World Events Productions, and animated by Studio MIR. It aired on Netflix from 2016 to 2018 and was divided in 8 seasons. VLD a complete Continuity Reboot of the Voltron franchise..
  5. Dealing with his S/O being pregnant while he's gone for 2 years. Reuniting with his S/O after 2 years. Reacting to his S/O following him into the time rift. Krolia asking if Keith's crush is his S/O when they reunite. Having a S/O who always stands up for him. Meeting his mother. Shiro. Finding out that the Shiro who had come back was a clon
  6. His is most notably portrayed in Defender of all Universes, where he managed to skillfully pilot Sincline as to wreck Voltron, and had the upper edge until Voltron tricked him. In the Quintessence field without terrain influence, Voltron and Lotor seem to be equally matched in piloting skills
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His is most notably portrayed in Defender of all Universes, where he managed to skillfully pilot Sincline as to wreck Voltron, and had the upper edge until Voltron tricked him. In the Quintessence field without terrain influence, Voltron and Lotor seem to be equally matched in piloting skills Shiro is aged backward and loses his memories of the last 10 years, of the war, of Voltron and falling in love with and marrying Keith. In his mind, he's still with Adam, and Keith is just the kid that stole his car. Language: English. Words: 6,688 (Voltron Keith x Reader) One night Pidge wanted you to come to the roof of the Garrison. ~ Keith's mother is half Galra, half Altean. said Allura's accented voice. Five times Lance asked Keith to stay, and one time Keith asked Lance. Keith - Voltron Legendary Defender (shaded) voltronmylari. He was experimented on and given a prosthetic arm

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Keith is 18 years old and 19 years old in Voltron: Defender Reboot, born on October 23rd. Jeremy Shada as Lance McCain - the Blue Paladin, the pilot of the Blue Lion, overtake pilot of the Red Lion and Guardian Spirit of Water. Lance was the fighter pilot of his team at Galaxy Garrison. Cocky and confident, Lance is the class clown of the. Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2 Episode 1 Streaming Online Free, Watch Full Episode Online, The lions get separated when a trip through a wormhole goes awry, while Coran and Allura scramble to break free of a seemingly endless time loop Keith: Voltron Force came very close to defeat in this day's battle, but from it we've learned much. The Blue Lion will be repaired, and the vulnerabilities redesigned, so we never have the same problem again. This'll make an even stronger Voltron, which will defeat all enemies of freedom and peace, and truly be - Voltron, Defender of the Universe Disclaimer - I don't own Voltron: Legendary Defender. This is actually not the fic I actually planned on starting on, but a different idea that got stuck in my head. This is also for prompt 116 on my 2017 prompt list which involves black sheep Change of heart. Lance, Voltron Legendary Defender part 2. Lance gazed upon himself in the mirror, his briefs the only thing making sure he wasn't completely in the nude. Fingers traced along his body with feather light touches

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Discover more posts about voltron-legendary-defender-theory I checked it a few times). And, of course, there's Keith's weird reaction to finding the most closer than anyone else on the team.). He had trouble functioning without Shiro (bursting during an official political meeting, refusing to let go of his search, staring. Uncategorized nicknames for keith voltron Magnus was one of the 20 Primarchs created by the God Emperor of Mankind as one of his 20 Primarchs who would serve as his generals in his Great Crusade across the galaxy. Scattered by the Chaos Gods during their infancy, the Primarchs all crash landed into various different worlds, with Magnus arriving on world of Prospero, a safe haven for psykers which had a history of facing prosecution. Read other version Reader x Keith (under editing) 1st in Voltron 5th in Keithkoganexreader 1st in paladin When y/n was 15 she escaped the galran empire and headed to her mother's planet earth, she got used to the planet and then became a cadet at the garrison academy. She then meets Keith, Shiro, Lance, pidge, hunk and soon Allura and coran Följande är en lista med avsnitt från serien Voltron: Legendary Defender.Den första säsongen släpptes den 10 juni 2016. Det första avsnittet i Netflix är tredubbelt, vilket skapar en kumulativ körtid för säsongen som motsvarar branschstandarden på 13 avsnitt, medan andra streamingtjänster som iTunes och Amazon har tre separata avsnitt med den normala längden på 23 minuter

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  2. Spoiler alert! Don't read this interview unless you've already binged your way through the second season of Netflix's Voltron: Legendary Defender. Voltron: Legendary Defender season 2 has featured plenty of big character revelations — including that Keith is actually part Galra
  3. Voltron: Legendary Defender season 2 has finally touched down on Netflix, bringing viewers equal parts joy and angst as all the heroes jump back in action to once again to go up against Zarkon and the Galran Empire. The season kicked off with the reveal that Shiro had indeed survived. As Voltron's Paladins' once again reunited they quickly discovered the Blade of Marmora, a group of Galran.

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