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Morphological patterns of circumpulpal dentin affected by radiation-related caries. Radiotherapy does not change morphology and mineral content of circumpulpal dentin in IT. Key words:Root canal, radiation-related caries, polarization microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, radiotherapy, oral neoplasms, dentin Nithin Mathew - Dentin CIRCUMPULPAL DENTIN Formed after the layer of mantle dentin has been deposited Constitutes major part of primary and secondary dentin Hydroxy appatite crystals are deposited on the surface and within the fibrils and continue to grow as mineralization proceeds, resulting in an increased mineral content of dentin Circumpulpal dentin is mineralised through calcospherites in the mineralisation front between predentin and mineralizing dentin 5 The purpose of this study was to compare the biomineralization of circumpulpal dentine with that of mantle dentine by ultrastructural and element-analytical techniques. Forty upper second molar germs of 10-day-old albino rats were cryofixed in liquid nitrogen-cooled propane and embedded in resin after freeze drying. Semithin dry sections were cut for analyzing the calcium and phosphorus. Dentin ( / ˈ d É › n t ɪ n /) ( amerikansk engelska) eller dentin ( / ˈ d É› n ËŒ t iË n / eller / ËŒ d É › n ˈ t iË n /) (brittisk engelska) ( Latin: substantia eburnea) är en förkalkad vävnad i kroppen och, tillsammans med emalj, cement och massa, är en av de fyra huvudkomponenterna i tänderna. Det täcks vanligtvis av emalj på kronan och cementum på roten.

Circumpulpal reactionary dentin (CRcD) is formed by primary odontoblasts at the pulp-dentin interface adjacent to the lesion (Figure 30.8). It results from the acceleration of primary or secondary dentinogenesis, depending on whether the caries lesion gains access to the dentin before or after the completion of root formation B. Circumpulpal dentin • Forms remaining part of primary dentine • Matrix with smaller diameter collagen fibres •Secreted by odontoblasts and contains phosphophoryn • More mineralized than mantle dentin 41 42. 42 43. 2 Start studying Dentin. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Create. Log in Sign up. Log in Sign up. 76 terms. Matt_Lawand. Dentin. STUDY. PLAY. Physical composition of dentin. mantle and circumpulpal dentin. Circumpulpal Dentin. Formed dentin close to Pulp. Bulk of tooth. Collagen fiber Diameter 0.05 micron. Fibers are smaller, closely packed . More Mineralized. H) SECONDARY DENTIN. Formed after root completion and eruption. Regular, Narrow band around the pulp. Few dentinal tubules than primary

Mantle Dentin. Circumpulpal dentin. Term. What is mantle dentin. Definition. Mantle dentin is the first dentin laid down during tooth development. It is less mineralized than circumpulpal dentin and contains van korffs fibers, which is thick type 3 collagen. Term it is a hypermineralized collar surrounding the tubules (intratubular dentin is the more accurate term because its inside the tubules

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  1. eralized dentin and the presence or not of reparative dentin. All the generated images were captured with a digital camera coupled to the polarize
  2. g the mass of the tooth. Calcified tissue that is not as hard as enamel but harder than cementum. About 20% is organic matrix, mostly a fibrous protein collagen, with some elastin and a small amount of mucopolysaccharide; the inorganic fraction (70%) is mainly hydroxyapatite, with some carbonate, magnesium, and fluoride
  3. Looking for circumpulpal dentin? Find out information about circumpulpal dentin. dentin the calcified tissue surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth and comprising the bulk of the tooth Collins Discovery Encyclopedia, 1st edition ©... Explanation of circumpulpal dentin
  4. Circumpulpal dentin svenska DENTIN - Histotootholog . eralized than mantle dentin and the collagen fibrils are smaller in diameter. Mode of ; Based on structure, primary dentin is composed of mantle and circumpulpal dentin.Examples of these classifications are given in Fig. 8-1, A. Fig. 8-1, B, shows the S curve of the dentinal tubules through primary and secondary dentin. översättning av.
  5. Define circumpulpal dentin. circumpulpal dentin synonyms, circumpulpal dentin pronunciation, circumpulpal dentin translation, English dictionary definition of circumpulpal dentin. or den·tine n. The main, calcareous part of a tooth,.
  6. eralized circumpulpal dentin matrix, but not in mantle dentin. In normal incisors, however, predentin matrix showing significant DSP immunoreactivity was negative for Ca-GBHA reactions

(4 of 41) Mantle Dentin. Next to the purple staining enamel (A) on the right is a lighter pink staining region of dentin.The initial region of dentin, subjacent to the dentinoenamel junction (B) is referred to as mantle dentin (C).After mantle dentin is deposited circumpulpal dentin (D) is formed.The circumpulpal dentin in this field lies in the region of the darker staining dentin [Pb.sup.2+] is distributed with the highest concentration in the circumpulpal dentin which is located in the innermost layer of dentin, adjacent to the dental pulp. Diverse effects of lead nitrate on the proliferation, differentiation, and gene expression of stem cells isolated from a dental origi

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  1. also den•tine. (-tin) n. the hard, calcareous tissue, similar to but denser than bone, that forms the major portion of a tooth, surrounds the pulp cavity, and is situated beneath the enamel and cementum. [1830-40; < Latin dent-,s. of dēnstooth+ -in1] den′tin•al,adj
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  3. Emalj&dentin - Ur föreläsningar om bildning av dentin och emalj Ladda ner Spara. Dentin Anatomi. Kroppens anatomi ( topografisk) Huvudets anatomi. the circumpulpal zone of dentin is . of . a . different origin from that . of . the peripheral . region. Several additional studies attempting to

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In contrast, the circumpulpal dentin displayed severe alterations in all hypophosphatemic patients. Large interglobular spaces appeared between unmerged calcospherites (Fig. 1B and D ). These defects were seen both in the crown and in the remaining root of all patient teeth, while dentin tubules regularly crossed a homogeneous dentin in controls (Fig. 1C ) Mantle dentin• When viewed in polarized light, mantle dentin (red band), which is about 10 µm wide, can be differentiated from circumpulpal dentin (purple with black dentinal tubules).• This is due to a difference in the collagen fibers in mantle dentin Circumpulpal dentin. Layer of dentin around the outer pulpal wall; Makes up the bulk of the tooth having collagen fibers arranged parallel to the DEJ. Intertubular dentin. dentin found between the tubules. imbrication lines of von ebner. Incremental lines in mature dentin; can be likened to growth rings of trees Kontur av pulpakavum - circumpulpal dentin. Manteldentin/ yttre lagret av tanden/nära emalj och cement ser annorlunda ut jämfört med annat primärdentin - sättet det är mineraliserat (5% mindre än resten av circumpulpal) och interaktioner mellan kollagen och icke-kollagenmatrix

how thick is circumpulpal dentin? 6-8 mm thick in crown; thinner in root (taper down to a point) what is primary dentin apart of? bulk dentin in crown and roots. primary dentin tubules continue from the pulp to where? the DEJ. what do incremental lines indicate? daily rhythmic deposition of approximately 4 um Dentin. tubules filled with calcium salts; found in association with chronic injury of caries, wearing down of teeth, abrasion, as well as aging tooth; referred to as transparent dentin as odontoblastic processes die and leave dentinal tubules vacant; may be involved with prolonging pulp vitality because it reduces the permeability of dentin Circumpulpal>Mantle The Normal Dentin consists of 35% organic and water & 65% inorganic matter. You should have mentioned this when you're saying that the mineral ratio of primary and secondary dentin is similar. I would love to see more posts on histo and oral and maxillofacial pathology Normal circumpulpal dentin. Intertubular dentin. 12 / 31. 12.Which of the following is a serum-derived protein component of the extracellular matrix of dentin? Albumin. Osteonectin. Enamelysin. Keratin sulphate. 13 / 31. 13.Interglobular dentin is especially noticeable with which of. Absorbed lead continuously adds to the lead deposited in the vascularized circumpulpal dentin of the teeth. Thus, this dental tissue is expected to contain a lead concentration which reflects the integrated lead exposure during the time from completion of tooth formation to tooth extraction or shedding

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General Dentistry Concepts: Dentin. Dentin is a calcified tissue of the body. Dentin, enamel, cementum and pulp, are the four major components that make up the teeth. It is often covered by enamel on the crown and cementum of the root and surrounds the tooth's pulp. Dentin is comprised of 45% hydroxylapatite, 33% organic material and 22% water Ultrastructural and histochemical evaluation of appositional mineralization of circumpulpal dentin at the crown- and root-analog portions of rat incisors. Ahmad M, Iseki H, Abduweli D, Baba O, Tabata MJ, Takano Y. J Electron Microsc (Tokyo), 60(1):79-87, 28 Oct 2010 Cited by: 4 articles | PMID: 2103041 - Just below mantle dentin in the Circumpulpal area - Prevalent in patient's with vitamin D deficiency or exposed to high levels of fluoride when dentin is forming - No defect in matrix formation - Lack of peritubular dentin. Incremental growth lines Circumpulpal dentin of HGPS mutants was clearly distinguished from secondary dentin of wild-type (WT) littermates and its mantle dentin by considering the irregular porous structure and loss of dentinal tubules. However, the dentin was significantly thinner in the molars of HGPS mutants at postnatal weeks 3 and 5 than in those of WT mice

Scanning electron microscopic study of odontoblasts and circumpulpal dentin in a human tooth. Marion D (1), Jean A, Hamel H, Kerebel LM, Kerebel B. (1)Department of Endodontics, Inserm Research Unit and Dental Faculty, Nantes, France. Two combined scanning electron microscopic methods including modified fixative procedures were used for. Reactionary dentin is formed in response to a carious decay, to excessive abrasion, or to the cytotoxic effects of monomers released by a restorative material.This is how the pulp limits undesirable noxious effects. What are the 4 types of dentin? Dentin includes primary, secondary, and tertiary dentin.Based on structure, primary dentin is composed of mantle and circumpulpal dentin Hela kursen förberedande till slut examinationen tentasammanfattning k1 fall: alex björn (slemhinnan) keratiniserat epitelkristor (papiller) större vi 1) Which Dentin's property is superior to enamel? Compressive strength Tensile Strength Color Amount of hydroxyapatite crystals 2) This type of Dentin is formed until the complete root formation: Primary dentin Secondary dentin Tertiary dentin Reparative dentin 3) Modes of mineralization of Mantle dentin: Linear pattern Globular Matrix vesicles Only 2 and 3 4

Dentin formed after completion of the apical foramen, contains only circumpulpal dentin. dentin formed as a reaction to external stimulation, such as cavities and wear, including both reactionary and reparative dentin. Tertiary dentin formed from a pre-existing odontoblast,. 3. Dentin: Structure and ultrastructure - the three-compartments model 3.1.Peripheral outer layers 3.2. Circumpulpal dentin 4. Odontoblasts: Implication in the synthesis, secretion and mineralization of dentin ECM 4.1.Odontoblasts and dentin formation 4.1.1.From the pre-odontoblasts to pre-secretory polarizing odontoblast

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6.Circumpulpal dentin It forms the remaining primary dentin and is more mineralized than mantle dentin. This dentin outlines the pulp chamber and therefore, it may be referred to as circumpulpal dentin. It is formed before root completion. B. Secondary Dentin Formed after the completion of the apical forame Without dentin, the pulp would be left exposed, meaning any stimulus to the tooth would cause extreme pain. Types of Dentin. There are three major types of dentin: Primary. Primary dentin is the most prominent type of dentin in the tooth. It is further subdivided into mantle and circumpulpal dentin About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Primary dentin, the most prominent dentin in the tooth, lies between the enamel and the pulp chamber (near dentinoenamel junction). Below it lies the circumpulpal dentin, more mineralized dentin which makes up most of the dentin layer and is secreted after the mantle dentin by the odontoblasts Circumpulpal dentin Thickness: bulk of the tooth Diameter of collagen fibers: small (0.05um) Direction of collagen fibers : have right or oblique angle to dentinal tubules (parallel to dentin surface) Ground substance: from odontoblasts Mineralization: Globular below mantle dentin then become mixed in the remaining circumpulpal dentin (no M V )

Mineralization of circumpulpal dentin occurred independently of MV-rich mantle dentin layer in affected specimens. Our data provide histochemical evidence of possible Ca-binding property of the circumpulpal dentin matrix and its absence in the mantle dentin where MV-mediated mineralization occurs Interodontoblastic collagen (von Korff fibers) and circumpulpal dentin formation: An Ultrathin serial section study in the cat M. A. Bishop , Division of Oral Biology, Department of Basic Sciences, Dental School, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois 6061 Background: The aim of this work was to evaluate the microscopic characteristics through polarized light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and the mineral content of circumpulpal dentin of. kata kunci: dentin primer, dentin sekunder, dentin tersier, circumpulpal dentin, dentin reparatif, dentin reaksioner, osteodenti Circumpulpal dentin and predentin Peritubular dentin Intertubular The outer layer of primary dentin, which is synthesised at the onset of dentinogenesis, is called mantle dentin. Mantle dentin is slightly less mineralized than other layers of the primary dentin i.e. circumpulpal dentin

Dentin Characteristics. The dentine formation occurs incrementally ~ 4mm / day. In longitudinal ground sections, t hey appeared as dark bands. Black granules. Only clear in ground section. This pattern of mineralization is best seen in circumpulpal dentin just below mantel dentin, because of the globular pattern of mineralization in this region Circumpulpal dentin of HGPS mutants was clearly distinguished from secondary dentin of wild-type (WT) littermates and its mantle dentin by considering the irregular porous structure and loss of. b CIRCUMPULPAL DENTIN Is the bulk of dentin mass between mantle dentin and the from DENTISTRY 22222 at Centro Escolar Universit

In this video I completely explain the types of Dentin and Aging changes in Dentin . tags: Types of Dentin Types of Dentin in English Primary dentin Secondary Dentin Tertiary Dentin Repiartive Dentin Mantle dentin Reactionary dentin Circumpulpal Dentin Intertubular Dentine Intratubular Dentine Dead tract Sclerotic dentin Age changes in Dentin Download Dr Teeth Apps using these links:Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.kevin.zjxor&hl=en_US&gl=USiOS users: https://apps.ap.. In addition, fetal bovine microdissected mantle and circumpulpal dentin specimens of successive tissue age were analyzed by Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis and by amino acid and matrix phosphate assays

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Regions of mantle and circumpulpal dentin of sequential maturation stages were identified on spectroscopic images acquired by Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging. Spectroscopic parameters corresponding to mineral properties at these stages were analyzed and reported as a function of distance from the cervix of the incisor, the latter representing tissue age B. Secondary dentin and Circumpulpal dentin C. Tertiary dentin and Sclerotic dentin D. All of the above # All of the following is true about dentinal tubules except: A. Inner pulpal layer contains more dentinal tubules than outer dentin layer B. The diameter of dentin tubules ranges from 5 to 7 micrometer C Define mantle dentin. mantle dentin synonyms, mantle dentin pronunciation, mantle dentin translation, Related to mantle dentin: peritubular dentin, dead tracts, dentinal tubules, secondary dentin, mimetic muscles, circumpulpal dentin, Enamel spindles. den·tin dangerous stimulants or toxins, and more importantly, they are not habit forming. Dentitox Pro is non-GMO and safe. You can rest assured that it does not contain an circumpulpal dentin the inner portion of the dentin, adjacent to the pulp chamber, consisting of thinner fibrils. See also predentin.. Medical dictionary. 2011

to circumpulpal dentin (16). Even after dentin and enamel formation and miner-alization are well underway, specific biological events may still occur at the DEJ, suggesting that the cross-talk between enamel and dentin continues throughout the formation of prismatic enamel and circumpulpal dentin. The presence of enzymes (16,17) and growt Circumpulpal dentin = smaller collagen fibers packed closely and interwoven, located at a distance from the DEJ, highly mineralized. Mantle dentin - large collagen fibers perpendicular to DEJ, just under DEJ less heavily mineralized. What is a dentinal tubule and what does it contain Circumpulpal dentin . forms the remaining primary dentin or bulk of the tooth. Represents all of the . dentin formed prior to root completion. The fibrils are much smaller in diameter & are more closely packed together. Slightly more mineral content than mantle dentin. PRIMARY DENTIN

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  1. TARGET. 1. Describe the formation of tooth pulp. 2. Describe the formation of tooth roots. 3. Understanding the anatomical regions of the pulp. 4. List all types of cells in the pulp and state their function
  2. B. Reparative dentin (irregular secondary dentin) C. Cementum D. Mantle dentin E. Circumpulpal dentin previous / next return to index.
  3. B. Secondary dentin and circumpulpal dentin C. Tetiary dentin and sclerotic dentin D. All of the above. Regarding teeth which statement is wrong ? 0. A. Enamel is harder than dentine B. Enamel has no cells C. Ameloblast secrete enamel and dentine D. Odontoblast produce dentin

substitution in the mineral of mantle and circumpulpal dentin during maturation were subsequently quantitatively analyzed from FTIRI results. In this study, separate patterns of changes in mineral properties were found for mantle and circumpulpal dentin, in terms of initial and final levels and rates of increase or decrease of minera Radiotherapy does not change morphology and mineral content of circumpulpal dentin in IT and non-irradiated teeth with deep caries that reached the root canal, and the results did not demonstrate distinct morphology of the IT compared with NIT. Background The aim of this work was to evaluate the microscopic characteristics through polarized light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and. CGRP immunostaining (red color) of putative nerve fibers (white arrows) in peripheral zone of narwhal pulp adjacent to circumpulpal dentin. Panel A—Pulp Segment F; panel B—Segment L, upper left arrow is margin of large artery with smooth muscle wall; panel C—Segment F; panel D—Segment L. Control sections with primary antibody omitted showed no red reaction product Dental formula for human dentition. Structures derived from dental papilla. Cap and bud stage tooth development. Hertwigs epithelial root sheath. Bell stage of tooth development. Development of root. Apposition. Cap stage of tooth development. Fate of dental lamina

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K-slide 14: A. Pulp B. Mantle dentin from arrow to periphery C. Circumpulpal dentin from arrow to pulp D. Primary dentin E. Secondary dentin from arrow to pul dentin,circumpulpaldentin,andthemostrecentlyformedprox-imal pulpal dentin. Both crown and root dentin thickness appearedreducedinXLH-affectedversuscontrolteeth,withroot dentin more severely affected. Interglobular dentin accumula-tion throughout the circumpulpal dentin was evident by both μCT and histology (585-fold volume increase and 45-fold. Print DDA2-Dentin and Pulp Formation flashcards and study them anytime, anywhere

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Background: The aim of this work was to evaluate the microscopic characteristics through polarized light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and the mineral content of circumpulpal dentin of irradiated (IT) and non-irradiated teeth (NIT), with deep caries that reached the root canal Morphological patterns of circumpulpal dentin affected by radiation-related caries. Login. Home. Localización: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, ISSN-e 1989-5488, Vol. 12, Nº. 5 (May), 2020, págs. 501-508 Idioma: inglés Enlaces. Texto completo; Resumen. The aim of this work was to evaluate the microscopic characteristics through polarized light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and the mineral content of circumpulpal dentin of irradiated (IT) and non-irradiated. Mantle dentin Crown Root Circumpulpal dentin• Thickness: 10-20 um • Thickness: bulk of the tooth• Diameter of collagen • Diameter of collagen fibers: fibers: large (0.1-0.2 um) small (0.05um)• Direction of collagen • Direction of collagen fibers : fibers : have right angle have right or oblique angle to to DEJ and parallel to dentinal tubules (parallel to basement membrane in. Most of the tooth is formed by primary dentin, which outlines the pulp chamber and is referred to as circumpulpal dentin ; It is of two types- mantle Dentin and Circumpupal dentin. Mantle dentin is located below the Dej and is about 20 microns thick, circumpulpal dentin on the other hand is located beween the mantle dentin and the predentin

Mantle Dentin. اولین لایه عاج تشکیل شده است که جهت و سایز الیاف کلاژن و الگوی مینرالیزاسیون در آن با عاج Circumpulpal متفاوت است . عاج اولیه . این عاج قبل از تشکیل ریشه و کامل شدن آن بوجود می آید sound circumpulpal dentin and sound dentin at the amelo-dentinal junction took up the stain because of the higher proportion of organic matrix normally present in these sites. Clearly, the routine use of these dyes without an unde- r standing of their distinct limitations will result in excessiv Study Dentin flashcards. Create flashcards for FREE and quiz yourself with an interactive flipper

MCQs: The dentin adjacent to the dentinoenamel junction is called the? - (A) Mantle dentin - (B) Circumpulpal dentin dentin that probably reflect lead absorption levels to varying degrees. Not surprisingly, the lead concentration in the tooth as a whole correlates poorly with the level in circumpulpal dentin, the average lead concentration of the latter being about five times greater (6). That the lead concentration in dentin is an importan Test bank Questions and Answers of Chapter 8: Dentin. Quiz 8: Dentin. Unlock qui

o However, as more dentin is laid down and formed the cells recede and move away from the DEJ and the processes eventually form one single Tomes' Fibre o The multiple processes form the terminal branches 5.3.4. Quiescent State of Odontoblasts -This is after complete formation of the dentin -The odontoblasts decrease in size and form dentin at a much slower rate unless it is stimulated to. circumpulpal dentin. Secondary dentin is deposited after the tooth is in occlusion and helps protect the pulp from normal occlusal wear [2]. It is deposited at a slower rate than primary dentin along the pulpal border throughout the life of the tooth. Histologically, secondary dentin DADH Questions. by Excel BDS | Apr 27, 2019 | DADH, Question bank | 2 comments. DADH. Development of Face and Oral Cavity. Describe the development of face? Mention the congenital defects of oro-facial region. Development of maxillary prominence. Development of palate. Primary development circumpulpal dentin. circumpulpal dentin: translation. the inner portion of the dentin, adjacent to the pulp chamber, consisting of thinner fibrils. See also predentin. Medical dictionary. 2011. calcified dentin; cover dentin; Look at other dictionaries:. primary: adjective basal , basic , central , chief , determining , dominant , earliest , elemental , essential , first , formative , fundamental , greatest.

Dentin hardness varies according to the zone and is lower in deeper areas. Therefore, healthy circumpulpal dentin can be softer than some carious dentin values. In acute caries, soft dentin precedes bacterial invasion, which might cause the unnecessary wear of healthy tissue The dentin adjacent to the dentinoenamel junction is called the_____? A. Mantle dentin B. Circumpulpal dentin C. Predentin D. Secondary dentin... Mirgration of odontoblasts into dentinal tubules occurs during _____? A. Cavity preparation B. Dehydration C. Water irrigation D. None of the above.. Which of the following terms associated with dentin can be used to correctly describe the type that makes up the largest part of the tooth's dentin? a. Tomes granular layer b. mantle dentin c. circumpulpal dentin d. interglobular dentin

The dentin is on the left, and the DEJ runs obliquely slightly right of the center of the field. Immediately left of the DEJ is a homogeneous area of mantle dentin. Next to that is a thinner layer of sub-mantle dentin that contains many interglobular spaces. The circumpulpal dentin is located to the left of the sub-mantle dentin Dentin is divided into different types based on when it is made. Primary dentin. Primary dentin makes up most of the tooth. It is the thick bulk between enamel and pulp. Primary dentin is the type of dentin a tooth starts out with. It can also be called circumpulpal (surrounding the pulp) dentin normal circumpulpal dentin after tooth eruption. 1- 1.5 um incremental lines. forms after root completion, crown in occl. forms slower. deals w/ forces of mastication. globular (interglobular) zone of disturbed dentin that separates mantle dentin from the circumpulpal dentin. arc shapes between globules Results: In the root pulp during circumpulpal dentin formation, the IOF stained weakly for type I collagen, but stained strongly for type III collagen by a double‐staining technique. It could be clearly seen that many immunoreactive fibers ran spirally among the odontoblasts and entered the predentin

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The same specimens were then cleaned ultrasonically for 5 minutes in a 2.5% sodium hypochlorite solution, prepared again for SEM, and examined with both aforementioned microscopes, to study the mineral aspects of the circumpulpal dentin corresponding to the areas where the odontoblasts had been observed previously Dentinal tubules. Cross section of dentinal tubules near predentin (PD) shows the globular nature of calcification in circumpulpal dentin. Variably shaped calcification centers, referred to as globular dentin (GD), leave relatively uncalcified areas around the asterisks (H and Lee stain; ×400)

Dentin Endodontics. 00:00. 04:20. Info. DENTINE The dental structure that is similar to bone 65% inorganic 35% organic by volume 45% inorganic 55% organic by weight. Mantle Dentin اولین لایه عاج تشکیل شده است که جهت و سایز الیاف کلاژن و الگوی مینرالیزاسیون در آن با عاج Circumpulpal متفاوت است عاج اولیه این عاج قبل از تشکیل ریشه و کامل شدن. 25 髓周牙本质(circumpulpal dentin):罩牙本质、透明牙本质内侧的牙本质,胶原纤维较细,排列方向不如罩牙本质规律。 26 继发性牙本质(secondary dentin):牙根发育完成,牙齿和对合牙建立了咬合关系之后形成的牙本质为继发性牙本质 periodontal dental cementum. Wikipedia. Medical Information Search. Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment 3